Our Programs

All programs are prepared with a strong emphasis on the fundamentals such as language, literacy and math as well as the creative arts (art, music, and dance), development of life skills, problem solving and investigation. The weekly programs are influenced by the Early Years Learning Framework with a strong emphasis on Reggio Emilia approach.

Each Program is prepared by qualified Early Childhood Educator.  Each child’s individual needs and interests are taken into account whilst preparing the rooms program. The programs and experiences provided are appropriate to the child’s age and stage of development. Children are offered a range of learning experiences both indoors and outdoors.

Children need to use all their senses if they are to experience, discover and learn about their world. Our programs take into consideration the multi-cultural backgrounds of the communities they are located in.  We aim to break down and challenge traditional stereotypes, respect similarities and differences whilst promoting an atmosphere of inclusiveness. Our educators are respectful of individual differences, interests, styles and rates of learning. We encourage children’s independence and aim to increase their awareness of the community and people around them.

Emphasis on the Fundamentals

Language & Literacy

Numeracy & Math

Art, Music & Dance