Parent Information

Centre Policy Overview
Copies of all policies are available in each room and in the parent library for your convenience. Please ask the staff if you would like a copy of any of our policies. Our policies are regularly reviewed and parent’s input is greatly appreciated. This helps us to ensure that the centre is meeting the needs of our community. We include here a brief overview of our policies relating to health issues and also include a full list of all policies.Clothing and Sun Protection All of our centres are sun safe accredited by the Queensland Cancer Council.

Outdoor activities will be placed in shaded areas where possible.

During summer, outdoor activities are planned before 10am and after 3pm.

Children and staff do not wear sleeveless items.

Sun protection awareness activities will be included in program.

Hats are to be worn by children and staff when outdoors.

Sunscreen to be applied to every child before exposure to the sun.

Health & Safety

All staff hold a current First Aid Certificate and blue card, as well as Anaphylaxis and Asthma training certificates.

Daily activities promote good health and safety for the well being of both children and staff.

On enrolment, parents are required to provide the centre with documentation of their child’s current immunisation status, with regular documentation as age appropriate immunisations are administered. An allergy list will be displayed confidentially in each room and kitchen.

Staff are to give due regard to cross infection procedures as set out Avenues Policy Manual.

Parents will be notified if there is an outbreak of an infectious illness.

Emergency evacuation procedures will be practiced monthly.

All centres have a nominated Work Place Health and Safety Officer who conducts routine safety checks on the centre and equipment.


Prescribed medication will be administered as directed by the child’s doctor in writing or as set out on the original bottle by the pharmacist with the doctor’s name on the label.

Non prescribed medication cannot be given unless prior written permission and instruction from the child’s doctor has been received.


We aim to provide children at the Centre with the recommended percentage of their daily dietary intake. We will take into consideration all children’s individual requirements and value the children’s home and cultural backgrounds and reflect this in our menu planning and activities. We will ensure that a nutritious diet will be provided each day from a variety of foods, chosen from the basic food groups. Meals provided by centres vary from location to location.

Preparing Your Child for Kindy
The best way to prepare your child for child care or kindy is to get them excited about coming.To do this we recommend that you and your child come to visit the centre at least twice before their official commencement day for a “play and stay”. As the name suggests, this is when you visit with your child and stay for up to an hour or so, playing with them as part of the group. This will allow both you and your child to become familiar with your child’s Educators and some of the other children in the group. Remember if you are comfortable with the staff and surroundings, the more likely your child/ren will be too.
Frequently Asked Questions
Child Care Benefit
Child Care Benefit helps you with the cost of your fees.To find if you are eligible please go to
or Call Family assistance office on 13 61 50. Child Care Benefit is based on your income and is different for everyone.
Child Care Rebate
Child Care Rebate (CCR) assists parents and guardians with your out-of-pocket expenses if you are working, training or studying. Out of pocket expenses are total child care fees less CCB. CCR covers 50% of your out of pocket expenses, up to a maximum of $7500 for each child per financial year.