Our Programs

Our Programs
All programs are prepared with a strong emphasis on the fundamentals such as language, literacy and math as well as the creative arts (art, music, and dance), development of life skills, problem solving and investigation. The weekly programs are influenced by the Early Years Learning Framework with a strong emphasis on Reggio Emilia approach. Each Program is prepared by qualified Early Childhood Educator.  Each child’s individual needs and interests are taken into account whilst preparing the rooms program. The programs and experiences provided are appropriate to the child’s age and stage of development. Children are offered a range of learning experiences both indoors and outdoors.  Children need to use all their senses if they are to experience, discover and learn about their world. Our programs take into consideration the multi-cultural backgrounds of the communities they are located in.  We aim to break down and challenge traditional stereotypes, respect similarities and differences whilst promoting an atmosphere of inclusiveness. Our educators are respectful of individual differences, interests, styles and rates of learning. We encourage children’s independence and aim to increase their awareness of the community and people around them.

Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF)
The Early Years Learning Framework describes the principles, practice and outcomes essential to support and enhance young children’s learning from birth to five years of age, as well as their transition to school it also recognises the importance of communication and language (including early literacy and numeracy) and social and emotional development.  .  The Framework also has a strong emphasis on play-based learning as play is the best vehicle for young children’s learning providing the most appropriate stimulus for brain development.

  • A strong sense of identity
  • Connections with their world
  • A strong sense of wellbeing
  • Confidence and involvement in their learning
  • Effective communication skills
Kindergarten Curriculum

Avenues Group Centres have Government funded Kindergarten programs run by fully Qualified, Registered Kindergarten Teachers across all of our centres.

The curriculum is based on the Kindergarten Learning Guidelines which are derived from the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia (EYLF) and embraces the inclusive vision that “all children experience learning that is engaging and builds success for life”.

While the EYLF focuses on children from birth to five years, the Queensland Kindergarten Guidelines are unique in that they aim to specifically enrich children’s learning in the kindergarten year. In Queensland, the kindergarten year is the year before the preparatory year of schooling. Throughout the Kindergarten Year, children’s right to experience the joy of childhood is fundamental and learning is promoted through play, and emergent and planned learning experiences and interactions.

At Avenues we believe that we need to offer the children every opportunity to success and therefore in 2011 we introduced our Literacy Program into the Kindergarten curriculum. We have a strong focus on literacy and numerous skills that engage and challenge the children with many successful outcomes.

Reggio Emilia Approach
The Reggio Emilia approach of teaching and learning was founded by Sir Loris Malaguzzi, who was a teacher from the villages around Reggio Emilia in Italy after world war II. The destruction from the war lead to a movement by the parents of the city to educate their children based on the teaching philosophy of Loris Malaguzzi.  He believed that children from a young age should be taught or encouraged through learning experiences, principles of respect, and becoming responsible citizens of the community. In this approach, the teaching program is derived from the children’s interest, teachers are seen as facilitators of learning. Their role is to plan, prepare and extend children’s learning  through exploration and discovery in a supportive and enriching environment. We aim to foster in our children independence, inquisitiveness, persistence and resilience through their daily learning experiences. This approach of teaching and learning also places a great emphasis on the appreciating for the arts, fostering creativity and respecting that children are able to express themselves through ‘one hundred languages’; that is drawing, singing, dancing, drama, playing etc, there is no limit to their expressiveness! This approach contrasts dramatically to the traditional chalk and talk, regimented, teacher- centred method of teaching and learning.
Some of Our Extra Curricular Partners
  • Raw Art – for 3-5 years, focusing on developing children’s creativity  expressing themselves through open ended art experiences
  • Kodaly Music – Adapting the ideas of Hungarian composer Zoltan Kodaly to create music programs for early childhood centres.
  • JELIC – 3 to 5 years It is a complete curriculum based solely on hands-on experiences incorporating many different kinds of manipulation and stimulation. This helps to enhance a child’s capabilities for procedural and creative thinking. The exercises employed help balance the development of both hemisphere of the pre-school to kindergarten aged brain.
  • Ginger Sports – 2 to 5 Years They offer a fun soccer program on a weekly basis, they encourage positive, nurturing and safe environment for the little ones to take part
  • Kinda Dance – 2 – 5 years A specialised creative educational movement, music and wellness program for early childhood.
  • Lil Legends Tennis – 2 ½ – 5 years – weekly tennis lessons that teaches the children to begin to learn their physical abilities using colourful equipment and fun games.
  •  Physi-Kids – 2 ½ to 5 years – Physical Education programming introducing children to various sports such as soccer, tennis, AFL, Rugby, hockey, basketball and many more
  • Strong Hearts Rugby – 2 to 5 years-   Fun and enjoyable set of age appropriate active drills that work on the children’s gross motor skills while learning the fundamentals of Rugby
  • Piano Play – 3 to 5 years – Group and individual Piano lessons
  • Dance Classes – 3 to 5 years – companies varied from each centre. They focus on allowing the children to express themselves through different dance genres.

Please see each individual Centre’s information page to see where these extracurricular classes are held.